Viral Ebook Marketing - How to Get Floods of Non-Stop Traffic Through Viral Ebook Marketing

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A free ebook is an immensely powerful tool to get traffic - particularly from viral marketing. Here are some steps you can take so you can leverage it to build traffic streams:

Step 1 - Start An Affiliate Program

The first step to get floods of free traffic from other people's effort (OPE) is to create an affiliate program. This gives others a huge incentive to promote your free ebook. To start an affiliate program you would need these things: a paid product (this can be a special offer of a package of Resell Rights Products or an upgraded version of your ebook), a high commission rate (50%-75%), affiliate marketing tools (banners, sample ezine ads, articles etc) and a processor (Clickbank, Paypal or Pay Dot Com).

Step 2 - Make Your Ebook Rebrandable

Make your ebook rebrandable. This allows your affiliates to plug in their own affiliate links to your ebook. It gives them a huge incentive to pass around the ebook. All they need is a PDF rebrander (you can package one free with your ebook), and they can insert their affiliate link for your product.

Step 3 - Pass On Giveaway Rights To Your Ebook

Make sure you state in your ebook that there are Giveaway Rights to your ebook. This means anyone can pass it around for free.

Step 4 - Market Your Ebook

Market your ebook by using marketing strategies like article marketing, pay per click advertising etc. This is to build up the 'seed traffic' you will use to get affiliates to spread your ebook around. After a while, your affiliates will promote your ebook and the traffic will just grow automatically without any work on your part!

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