14 Warrior Secrets On Finding Ideas For Creating WSO'S

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14 Warrior Secrets On Finding Ideas For Creating WSO's

I see people asking this question a lot. How do I find ideas for writing WSO's. So I decided to do some investigative work and ask some successful warriors exactly how they come up with ideas for their own WSO's.

So without any further ado...here are the 14 secret tips that warriors use to find ideas on how to write a wso.

Create a product around what worked for you.

Here is what some successful warriors had to say about this tip...

1. What solved my problem, there is where I write about it.

2. I don't come up with ideas for WSOs. I just create information products based on things that have worked for me and sometimes I think "hey, my friends at the WF might also enjoy this" then I run a WSO. I've never created a WSO for a product with the WSO being the reason for it.

3. With WSOs, I look at something I've created, and think: "That would be wonderful for some of my fellow Warriors... It would solve this problem (describe the problem) that Warriors have."

4. You need to USE what you know. You can sell anything you've learned how to do successfully as a WSO. For example, let's say you're into article marketing and are learning how it works. You're submitting your articles hither and yon. Just track what you do. If you have a success, document it. Same with any failures -- document them, too. You'll come up with lots of product ideas, just based on what you know.

5. Tip: your failures are more important than your successes...

6. I find something I'm doing that is making me money and I make a product. If there is a trick I have been using that I don't see being talked about much, it may make a good product.

Create WSO's Out Of The Skills You Already Posses

Here is what some successful warriors said about this...

7. You can look at your skills sets or what you know that others want to know and share it. You can share what's working for you (or you've recommended to others)

8. People tend to have areas that they are interested in and good at. At least I do and that's where I put my focus for my WSOs or products.

Watch and Listen To What The Big Boys/Gals Say

Here is what some successful warriors said about this.

9. Check out WSO forum, and see the current solution people offer. Find if there is any niche, product that you can create better stuffs

10. Many people take threads in the forum, break them down, expand on them, then sell them as a WSO. You would be amazed at how many WSOs are actually from free information in this forum and others that has been expanded and reorganized to make it easier to use.

11. Another option is to scan this forum and look for questions and find the answers. If you want to make a quality product, take some time to test out the answers though... make sure you are giving good answers from first hand experience if you want a quality product your buyers will love.

More Secret Tips From Successful Warriors

12. Check out other marketer's offers, launches, promos that is done out of WF, and see whether you can create better or cost effective solution.

13. If you want to come up with WSOs, think about the various audiences on the WF. You have total beginners, people who are making some money and want to make more, and people who are making great money and need to stay aware of what's currently happening in IM.

14. Document what you do -- everything you do as you learn about Internet marketing. Then, from what you learn, create your first WSO. By the time you've run three WSOs, you'll have a huge archive of material, suitable for at least another couple of WSOs. :-)

And I will leave you with this wise saying from a Warrior...When you create products you're making something exist where nothing existed before. And, because you're thoughtful, you can help others with what you've learned. You'll find, I'm sure, that this is highly satisfying.

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