How To Create An Unbelievable Sales Stampede On Your Website

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What exactly is a "sales stampede"? It's simply a lot of sales coming in everyday! And an unbelievable sales stampede can be a reality by following some proven principles.

Firstly, to create a lot of sales, you need plenty of traffic streaming in to your website. It's similar to an offline store's visitor rate. The more traffic and the more eyeballs you have on your website, the more money you will make. So one of your main business priorities is always to get more traffic to your site! Some proven ways to get traffic include pay per click advertising, viral marketing and ezine advertising.

Next, your site needs to have a good conversion rate. Meaning it needs to convert a certain percentage of visitors to your website into customers. A good percentage is around 2-5%. If 100 visitors come to your site, at least 2 people should buy.

Some ways to increase your conversion rate include improving your website copy (the words on your web pages), your graphics and your branding (the name of your products, the colors etc). You should also get targeted visitors to your website to increase your sales. Untargeted visitors means your conversion rate will invariably be lower.

For example, if you are selling to baby boomers, it doesn't make sense to try to get traffic from social networking sites, since most baby boomers don't use these sites. Now you know the two keys for creating massive profits on the Internet: traffic and conversion. Follow these two basic principles, and you can't fail! Here's to your sales stampede...

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