These Seven Strategies Will Increase Your Affiliate Sales

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There are several things you need to be doing everyday if you want to make bank at affiliate marketing. I am going to share with you some of those things that the top affiliate marketers focus on all the time.

Always Keep Working New Contacts: You have to always be working new contacts. A very well known marketer told me one day that he starts or opens a new niche ever four months. Now in order to do that you would have to always be networking. Finding new merchants, developing new websites, creating massive content, and setting up your sales funnels. In other words he works a niche every way that he can and then moves on to the next one.

So while you work on your affiliate program, don't be afraid to start laying the foundation for future endeavors. One way to accomplish this is by spending about an hour each day building a new site. You can also spend a couple hours a week connecting with new people. Finding new people to share links with and so much more. Just remember to take things slowly, this does not happen overnight.

It Is All About People: Something that I worry about in today's market is that so many people are just throwing up sites, articles, and products that are designed to be seen by computers and not people. Make sure you design your site for people.

The trick is that you want people to follow your conversion process. A well designed site moves people through your conversion process or sales funnel. If your site is messy and unorganized, you will never get a customer to buy from you, they won't know what you are selling or what you want them to do!

Know What's Going On In Your Site: I know this takes time, but check your pages. You can use Google Analytics for this, and it is free. I cannot tell you how many times I thought a particular link would convert and only to find out that no one ever clicks on it, then I see a link I forgot about and 80% of the people click on that phrase. When you find this kind of information you want to replace those links with your money site or link to your merchant.

Keyword-tracking software can greatly enhance the effectiveness of affiliate marketing programs. Such software lets webmasters see which pages on their websites are visited by surfers looking for particular keywords. With this information a website owner can tailor such pages to direct his or her visitors to affiliates that offer the products or services that will interest them most.

Make Sure You Know Who You Are Working With: Before you sign up with an affiliate service, you should make sure that the company you're choosing, offers real-time statistics. You will want to check your progress, to see if there are any changes you need to make to your campaign. This is very difficult to do if the site you're dealing with, does not update in real-time.

Have A Plan In Place: There is no doubt that successful affiliate marketing does take a lot of work. To make this easier what you want to do is start by finding a niche (a topic) that is interesting to you. I cannot overstress this, because to produce the content you need in order to kickstart your earnings, you will need to have some passion around it. Once you have the passion and idea of what you want to promote, then find services and products that you can promote. Then you can successfully market for an affiliate, and make some extra cash while doing so.

Keep Building Authority: One way to build authority in your site is to get other talking about it. In today's market we call that backlinking. Which you want on all your sites, articles, pages, and posts. Backlinks are like sending a flare to Google telling them that your site is rocking and being read. When this occurs you will increase in rankings on the search engines. Which in turn allows you to attract more people who are looking specifically for information about your product.

Check Your Language: You really need to make sure that the market you go after has using the correct language. If you were targeting surfers you would not come in talking Texan. If you want people in the UK, you don't come in speaking something other than the Queens English. Also, make sure that word usage and sentence structure are correct. Content that is in badly written English turns potential customers away, especially UK customers.

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Hope that helps...
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