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I'm going to tell you what the best article Marketing Software is out there. Now you might be wondering what qualifies me to do so!

My*qualifications*come from the fact that I write close to 150 articles a month and always find myself looking for places to*distribute*those articles. I also have bought and used most of the article marketing software.

When I got started I use to submit all my articles through Unique Article Wizard. Even though this is not a software, it is still a solid service. There are about three other services like this, and I have used them all, but for the quality and control it really is a monster.

After using this service for about a year I moved on to using article marketing software. I am going to share with you an*extremely*powerful yet easy to use article marketing software. Matter of fact I still use it! I have owned it for a couple years and it over delivers everytime.

Let me tell you a little bit about it.

Article Marketing Robot, is probably one of the most talked about and promoted article submission tools out there. I learned about it from a highly succesful internet marketer who showed me how to use it in my article marketing.

A couple of things that are great about it is that it not only supports WordPress article directory platforms, but it also does Article Dashboard, ArticlesMS, Article Friendly and many others.

The amount of locations that are offered to submit your articles to is mind boggling. But that's not all it does.

Article Spinning

Article Marketing Robot has a spinner built into it that you can get. In fact, AMR learns from your habits and stores your previously used article spinning synonyms in a database for future reference.*The Article Spinner built into AMR actually has one click functionality, using the "Mass Replacer".*Once you spin up a few articles, all you need to do is press the Mass Replacer button and AMR will search out all words that can be replaced.

Other Features:
  • LiveLink Reporting*- AMR logs in to your Account and finds your published articles.
  • RSS XML Exporting*- Take your LiveLinks and submit them an RSS Submitter.
  • Nested Article Spinning*- Place spin syntax inside of spin syntax.
  • Spin On Submit*- AMR automatically spins your article during submission.
  • Autoblogging*- Blast to all your own niche WordPress blogs!
  • Scheduled Article Directory Submission*- Works on YOUR timeframe.
  • Automated Author Account Creation*- Hundreds of accounts auto-created.
  • Automate Email Confirmation*- Confirm hundreds of emails with a single click.
  • Article Import / Export -*Write an article and send it for easy import.
  • Captcha Solving*- Those squiggly lines of text, solved! (Provided by Decaptcher or DeathByCaptcha)
  • Ultra-Fast Multi-Threading*- What used to take hours is now done in minutes.
  • Insanely Powerful Aricle Rewriting*- Words can't even express how good it is.
  • Hundreds of Article Directories*- AMR current supports five highly used article directory templates!
  • TeamViewer Certified Technical Support*- 100% Customer Satisfaction.

If you are looking for the best article marketing software that is*extremely*cost*effective*and does not carry a monthly fee, then this would be it. Plus right now you can try for FREE Check It out Here

Hope That Helps With The Best Article Marketing Software
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