Internet Marketing List Building, Online or Offline for Newbies

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You have probably heard the saying. "the money is in the list." And it is very true.

However, when you are new to Internet marketing, building an e-mail list can be a challenge. You might think you need a web designer, copywriter, graphic artist, and a whole lot of other technical help. But it doesn't have to be that way. With a little knowledge, you too can tap into this lucrative technique.

It can be done on your own and it is VERY worthwhile to learn how to do this yourself.

Now, you are probably asking yourself:
  • How do you go about doing it?
  • Is there a process?
  • Are there guidelines?
  • How do I get people on my list?
  • What are the benefits to having a list anyway?
The benefits of having a list are HUGE. You have gotten someone to opt in and give you permission to continue to build a relationship with them, tell them more about yourself and offer more of your products and services to them.

As a business owner on or offline, your income is greatly dependent and enhanced by your list.

You must have a targeted responsive permission-based subscriber list. This is the single most important ingredient in your business. It's absolutely crucial to have people to market to.

And you don't want just anyone on your list. You want to learn how to get very targeted and responsive people on your

The quality of your subscribers is more important than the quantity. You will want to grow a list of people who are interested in who you are, what you do and your products and services.

It's better to have a smaller list of people who are interested in your niche, than a huge list of people who could care less.
Your list must be receptive and interested in order for you to convert them from prospects into buyers.

So how do you get started building a list? First you must give your prospects a reason to join your list. You do this by giving them something of real value for free.

In order to determine the type of giveaway your prospects would be interested in, ask yourself these questions:
  • What do they want?
  • What sort of problem do they have that you can solve?
  • What sort of information are they desperate to get their hands on?
What you decide to give away should be quality and should be something that you could sell but are giving it away.

This will really entice your prospects to sign up for your list.

It could be a simple e-book, a free one month membership, some free service only for subscribers, a discount on service or free evalution--anything that your particular prospects would find really valuable.

Next you will have to create an opt in page. This page should be kept short and to the point. It should talk about a perceived pain/problem that the prospect has and a promise of a solution to that pain/problem. There should be an opt in box on the page and no other links.You must also give a very clear call to action. For example " Fill in your first name and primary e-mail address in the box below to receive your free report."

After you have the item to give away and the opt in page, you will need an auto-responder in order to follow-up with these prospects automatically.

Once you have that done, you get traffic and build your list.

To get targetted traffic, you want to go where your prospects will be.

A fast and effective way to do that is to post of forums related to your niche or business. Make sure to follow all forum guidelines and to add value with every post. Your relationship building will start at the forum by how much value you give the members.

You can also:
  • Post comments on blogs related to but not exactly the same as your niche or business.
  • Post on facebook and twitter and other social networks.
Now that you have gotten people on your list, immediately welcome them and give them the offer your promised them.

Then, send out weekly emails with other valuable and free information. When you do make an offer or promote to your list, only offer very valuable items that offer much more value than the cost.

Building your list is really not as difficult as it sounds and even a total newbie who has never built a website before can do it. It is a very valuable process to learn because once you have it down, you can repeat it for more specific things and market even more directly to people.

If you are an offline business and you are NOT building a list, you are really leaving a huge amount of money on the table and if you are an online business, you are causing yourself much too much work to constantly get new prospects and are also losing out on a lot of potential profits.

Quick Recap:

· Every business needs to build their own opt in email list.
· This is something you can do yourself with a little knowledge.
· It is a valuable process to learn because it can be repeated for even more profitability.

If you are ready to take your business to the next level, make more profits or are just getting started get all the basic tools you need to build your list at Best List Building Online.
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