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Affiliate Marketing 101 - The Basics

I hate to reference affiliate marketing this way, but if you were to boil it down you could compare it to being an outside sales man. Except for in this case you aren't knocking on doors but marketing on the internet.

If you choose Affiliate marketing you can think of yourself as a salesperson. But in this case you have an unlimited amount of products and niches to move in and out of, and make a whole lot more money. Because in outside sales once you make contact and make your pitch, then that's it. But with affiliate marketing, all the advertisement you create does not go away. So if your first pitch does not connect, another person comes along, and perhaps buys from you.

Think of it this way. Public speakers always want to find ways to put legs to their speeches. In other words they don't want to deliver a message that only those sitting in front of them get to hear. That's why they record their speeches and sell them, write books, video them and post then, and place their recordings on i-tunes. So they can make one speech that has the potential of effecting thousands.

The same is true in Affiliate marketing. You spend time crafting a pitch or advertisement, then promote that advertisement through all the mediums you have. Giving legs to that one piece of sales pitch that you created. So if the first person does not respond, you have thousands others that might.

People have all kinds of products and services that they want to sell online.
Just like outside sales, it is a numbers game. You have to be producing traffic. You have to get in front of people who are interested in the product or products you have to sell. People who create products know this, which is why they are willing to pay you to market their companies.

The beauty of it is that they may pay 50% commission to those who help promote their products. There are not a lot of brick and mortar companies that pay their salesmen 50% commission. So in essence you could spend very little money and make a whole lot of money.

When a sale is made, the merchant shares a portion of their profit with the affiliate. Successful affiliates make a good living by promoting products and services of other vendors in order to make that commission. Since you are reading this, I will assume that you are interested in making your fortune. But before you set out to live the good life, let me say the place to begin is by re-aligning your mind.

Change the way you think about money.

A lot of people will probably gloss over this one aspect and I can almost guarantee you that they will still not be making money in a year from now. If you are going to make money online you have to approach this different than the other 99% of those who will not make it. This takes work, and consistency. If you are checking your stats every three seconds, and always buying new products, and continue to jump around from method to method, let me tell you these next few points are for you.

What most will not do is come home from work, hit the computer, read an eBook, and take action on a plan. Instead what they will do is come home, sit in front of the TV, and dream about all the millions they are going to make. Instead of learning the craft and process you need in order to become successful at making money online, they will become masters of dreaming the dream.

People who feel like they should be able to make lots of money online will naturally make a lot of money online. This is not some spiritual mish-mosh, although I feel that spirituality is a part of everyone's journey. However, that is not what I'm talking about when I say people can make lots of money.
The most important thing here is that if you know you are suppose to make lots of money online, then you are going to make lots of money online. You are going to take the necessary actions to make this work.

Let me boil down what it takes to become a successful affiliate marketer.
  • You have to Stay focused
  • Pick a single niche to start with and then START
  • Read the next few articles on this then take action
  • Make a schedule and then stick to it
  • Start small and apply what you learn as you go
  • Don't get overwhelmed, take it slow, and do the right things. You want to know what the right things are, they are the things that make you money

You won't start out making $200 a day. But what you want to do is start out making $5 a day. The quickest way to making $50,000 a year online is by making $10,000 a year online. But you must stay focused! If you don't you will not make it.

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Hope that helps
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