How Mobile-Friendly is Your Website? Apps & Options for Mobile Marketing

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When you consider the fact that more and more visitors to your website will be accessing it using their mobile phones and mobile devices than will access it using a typical PC, you need to start giving some attention to how your website shows up on these various screens and operating systems. It's easy to make your website more mobile friendly, and in this article we'll take a look at what apps and tools are available to help you make sure that you are not alienating those visitors that find you via the mobile web.

What is your mobile web strategy?
Before we plunge into mobile websites, you should take some time to think about why you need a mobile website. Is your content useful for someone on the go? What are the goals of your site's visitors when they arrive at your website or blog? How will being able to access your content on a mobile device serve those goals?

Here are some tips when formatting your site to make it simpler for those on mobile devices to access your content:
  • Keep the number of clicks in between where they land and what they want to a minimum
  • Remove any irrelevant information from the page
  • Clearly label links
  • Keep images small and relevant. Use 'alt text' tags to label images in case they never load
  • Make use of lists, but keep the number of items to a minimum
Yahoo! Design stencil kit is a free pattern library for designing web apps for mobile phones, iPhones and other UI environments.

With MobiOne you can create iPhone or iPad apps, you can test your designs even if you don't have a Mac.

IWPhone Wordpress Plugin
This is a cool little plugin, which can automatically detect a mobile device and switch from your blog's regular theme to a mobile theme.

dotMobi WordPress Mobile Pack
This is a toolkit that will transform your WordPress blog to a mobile site that provides the appropriate visual experience for the mobile visitor.

The ideal scenario if you want to get fully invested in providing the optimum mobile browsing experience for your visitors is to get a native app designed for your content that works across multiple operating system platforms. You will still need a mobile version of your site to provide an appropriate experience for those who do not have smartphones or the capability to use apps on their phones.

Business Insider reported that Windows PC sales dropped for the first time in history coinciding with the launch of the iPad and the other tablet devices that came on the market in 2010.

Those who do not have a mobile version of their website will be leaving money on the table and losing out on a growing segment of the market that is accessing the web more and more using their mobile devices. Will your customers who are searching for you using their mobile devices find your website or your competition's?

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