Copywriting Secrets - How to Get Your Customers to Whip Out Their Wallets Faster Than a Train

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An often-overlooked way to increase sales is improving the sales copy. Copy matters! The difference between a good copy and great copy can mean the difference in either doubling your profits or having mediocre sales. Here are some secrets that you can learn to get your customers to whip out their wallets faster than a speeding train:

Secret #1: Use 'Shock' Tactics

'Shock value' works well in grabbing attention, and best of all, grabbing sales! The idea is to use stories or simple sales copy to attract attention in a shocking manner, without offending anybody. Too much of this is a bad thing though, so use it wisely.

Secret #2: Scarcity

'Scare' your visitors by putting a limited time on your offer, or put only a limited number of copies of product available. Once either the time runs out or you have sold your allotted number of copies, the product is taken off the market. This creates urgency and urgency is the key to making sales.

Secret #3: Testimonials

Having a mass of testimonials on your sales page creates a strong social proof effect. The fact is that when your visitors see that your customers are happy with your product, they are far more likely to whip out their credit card to buy it.

Secret #4: No-Risk Offers

Giving your buyers a risk-free offer is one surefire way to increase your conversion rates and shoot it through the roof. By giving your offer a money-back guarantee, you will instantly increase your sales rates by many times over.

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