Email Marketing - 5 Instant Secrets to Write Powerful Emails That Sell

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Something every email marketer needs to know is how to write irresistible emails that subscribers on your list want to open and read immediately. Here, I will unveil 5 instant secrets you can start applying today to write powerful emails that build relationships and sell:

Secret No. 1: Write Personally

This helps immensely in relationship building. You need to think of writing your emails as if you were writing to a friend. You must be personal and not be boring. Write your emails as if they were written to just one person only, and they will be much more effective.

Secret No. 2: Be Relevant

Send only relevant content to your list that your subscribers signed up for. You don't want to go into long conversations about your achievements or stories; this will bore many people. Remember, people are only asking 'What's In It For Me?' You've got to put yourself in the shoes of your subscribers every time you write an email.

Secret No. 3: Get To Know Your List

Everyone who subscribes to your list is different. But there will be similar likes and dislikes. Your job as an email marketer is to find out what these are. Send them regular surveys. This will give you a better idea of what your list wants so you can promote better products and create more relevant products yourself.

Secret No. 4: Give Free Stuff

Ever heard of the law of reciprocity? In the other words, you have to give before you can receive! If you want your subscribers to pay you regularly, you've got to give them free and valuable content that will be useful to their lives. Give, and receive.

Secret No.5: Follow-Up With Your Subscribers

One promotion for one product is never enough for email marketing. You need to follow up with your subscribers to ensure that no one missed your offer, and to give those who haven't bought yet another chance to take a look at your offer.

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