What To Check Before You Let Your Optimized Site Go Live

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You have already designed and created a website you think is already perfect, provided the contents you think are unique and informative, now you will launch it, or is it ready for launching? Often times there are many things that you have forgotten to implement along the way.

You will try to find those important elements of SEO that you need to implement, so you will do this. Make sure that you are doing these things on every page that you have, if you have these many inner pages for your website.

Meta keywords are important in the optimization of your pages and you will look out for these, if they are included in your on-page optimization efforts. Make sure that these are included also in every inner page that you have.

Before you think of launching your website you need to proofread your site's contents. Make sure that you do this not only once but many times, because you will submit your site only once and you will never have the chance again if mistakes are done.

Before you launch your website and make it "live" there are things that you may want to check before you have it live. Some of these things are the following.

  • Some mistakes made are the non-inclusion of alternate tags in the inside pages of the website. The homepage or the main page may be well inspected but the inner pages have to be well inspected also.
  • If you have a blog in your website ensure that you have RSS feeds so that you will get additional links for your website. Most often this is overlooked so you have to thoroughly check if you have this.
  • Inspect the links in your website, the anchor texts that you have, these are important in your search engine optimization efforts. Do not assume that you have already these links and you have to check it and also see if your links work.
  • If you have images or videos in your website's contents, make sure that you optimize the tags and captions with your keywords. If you overlook these elements, you will lose your chances of getting indexed and listed highly on the search engines.
  • Try to find the honest opinion of other people before you launch your website. Try to find this unbiased and independent opinion, because they might have seen anything wrong that you haven't found yourself.
  • It is important that you monitor the results of your website's submission, and this you can do with the aid of a software tool. This is important for you to know if you have done your part and thoroughly checked your site before you have it launched.

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