List Building - 5 Simple Ways to Explode Your Mailing List on Autopilot

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One of the biggest problems facing email marketers is the list attrition rate. To be successful in email marketing, it is important to get more leads than unsubscribes to maintain a low attrition rate. If you want to learn how to get 100 or more subscribers per day to your mailing list, read about these 5 simple ways to explode your mailing list on autopilot:

1. Get your squeeze page link out there on high-trafficked forums. Forums are some of the most visited places on the Internet. However, you don't want to flood the forums with spammy sales messages advertising your squeeze page. What you want to do instead is create an attractive signature file that has your link, then post informative stuff on the forums. Post replies and create compelling threads to get more exposure for your signature file.

2. Set up an article marketing machine and hire a few writers to write articles for you so you can send them out article directories and bring in the traffic. They are great if you have them in numbers around online.

3. Set up an affiliate program with Clickbank or PayDotCom. You can reward people who send you subscribers by giving them a commission for your one-time offer that you place after visitors subscribe on your squeeze page. This is one of the best ways to explode your list on autopilot.

4. Set up ad swaps with other email marketers who have a list. What happens is you promote their offer to your list, and they reciprocate by promoting your squeeze page to their list. This way, you both gain quickly!

5. Participate in a few Internet marketing giveaways as a contributor. Then promote the event using your referral link on launch day. This is a great way to leverage on the efforts of others and grow a gigantic list!

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