Ebook Publishing - How to Publish Your Ebook in the PDF Format

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Have you wondered how to create a snazzy PDF to present your ebook on? Most beginning ebook writers are looking for ways to convert their well presented Word document into PDF format. Wonder no more! Here are the steps to publish your own slick PDF files quickly and easily:

Step 1 - Go to OpenOffice.org and download their Open Office software. It's free of charge! Open Office is a quality alternative to Microsoft Word. And the best thing about it is its PDF conversion functionality.

Step 2 - Install the software and open the 'Writer' program in the suite.

Step 3 - Already written your ebook in Word format? Open it in Open Office!

Step 4 - Look for the PDF icon on the software and click on it to convert your Word document into PDF format! In a few seconds, you will have your ebook in PDF format. It's that easy!

That's it. You can literally go through these steps in less than 10 minutes and have a brand new PDF ready to be downloaded by your subscribers or customers.

There are a few other ways to convert your documents into PDF format. You can buy a copy of Adobe Acrobat or go to Adobe's website to use their PDF conversion feature. You are allowed 5 free conversions.

You can also download free PDF conversion software online, although in my opinion, these are less effective than the Open Office method I showed you. It's quick, easy and no frills! Something you can get started with immediately.

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