Ebook Publishing - How I Find Hot Topics to Publish Mega Profitable Ebooks On

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Finding a hot topic for your ebook can be one of the toughest tasks in your ebook publishing venture. In this article, I'm going to detail the steps I personally take to find hot topics to publish ebooks on. You'd want to grab yourself a cup of hot coffee and read on!

Step 1 - Visit Amazon

Amazon, being the world's largest book store, is a natural place to start researching for hot ebook topics. Go under the non-fiction bestsellers list and look through the topics that the books cover. Which ones are the best-selling ones? Could you create a complementary ebook on the topic? You bet you can!

Step 2 - Go To Clickbank's Marketplace

Clickbank's Marketplace is another awesome hunting ground for niche ideas. Simply look at what is selling well and create a complementary niche product on it. Follow in the steps of the successful and you'll be on your way to success. Wow! What an idea.

Step 3 - Use The Dummies Series For Ideas

Dummies is a famous series of books. Almost everyone of us has read a Dummies book before! Look through the Dummies website for potential ebook ideas that you can run with and make a note of them.

Step 4 - Look Around The Article Directories

Of course, the article directories are one of the most 'fertile' content grounds on the Internet. Thousands of new articles are published each day. Keep an eye on which articles are generating the most page views; it means the topics being covered are striking a chord with the public at the moment.

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