How iPad Friendly is Your Website?

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When the iPad was introduced in 2010, sales skyrocketed and this year the iPad2 came out, bringing the number of sales to 39.85 million units have been sold to date. That's not to mention to dozens of other tablets that are changing the way and how many people are accessing the Internet and your website. Because the iPad and the other tablets use a touch screen, they will interact with your content differently than those who are using a standard computer and mouse. If your website or blog is not iPad or tablet friendly, visitors will quickly leave and find another site that they can more easily interact with.

Here are a few tips to help you make sure that someone browsing your website using an iPad or tablet can access everything your site has to offer.
· Test your website's design on an iPad. Check out and see how your site displays if you do not have an iPad of your own to try it out on.

· Don't make the mistake in thinking that just because you have optimized your site for mobile browsing that it will work equally well for iPad users.

· Navigation on the iPad is different from navigating with a mouse. With the iPad's touch screen, users are unable to hover their cursor, so mouse-over navigation is impossible. This is another aspect of your site where you will have to test how your current navigation scheme works or does not work on the iPad and make the necessary changes.

· Flash elements will not display on iPad. You may find a blank space where the flash element should display. Your site will first have to detect the user's iPad Safari browser and then serve up your iPad friendly layout that fills that empty space left by the flash element. If that element was a video, you'll need to use an alternative HTML5 based video player.
If you want to make sure that your website is navigable on the iPad, you will have to take the time to test, and test again those critical elements of your site to make sure that visitors can access everything they need on your website.

Visit Apple's Safari developer's center and take a look at, "Preparing Your Web Content for iPad" within the Safari reference library.

There are web developers that specialize in coming up with iPad optimized translations of your current site, but there are some basic changes that you can make yourself depending on the complexity of your site's design and navigation.

When visitors give you feedback on their browsing experience of your site with the iPad, take this golden opportunity to thank them for their input and take what they suggest to heart. You might go as far as asking if they might be interested in joining a usability focus group that you can use to bounce design changes off of.

Welcome iPad browsers by making sure that they have the best experience possible when accessing and navigating your website's contents.

For more tips and strategies for iPad friendly website design visit where you will discover lots of information about how you can grow your business online.
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