Product Creation - 4 Killer Products You Can Create to Rake in Massive Cash

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Any Internet marketer worth his salt owns his own product. If you want to keep all the profits instead of getting just 50% from an affiliate program, it's time to create your own product! Here are 4 killer products you can create to rake in massive cash:

1. Ebooks

Ebooks are probably the easiest products to create! All you need is a Word processor and a PDF converter (there is a free one on Adobe's website) and you're all good to go! You can create the content by yourself or simply hire an outside freelancer to write the ebook for you.

2. Teleseminars

Conduct a 1 hour or 2 hour teleseminar and once the event is over, turn it into a full-fledged product that you can sell. You can hire a freelancer to transcribe your teleseminar to have a PDF transcript of the event to sell together with your audio recording.

3. Interviews

Interviews, like teleseminars, can be made into products immediately after it is over. People love interviews because they are generally more informal and more entertaining. You can find experts to interview at forums, article directories or just by using the search engines! People love to be interviewed as it gives them free exposure for their business.

4. Software

Software is one of the more complicated products to create, but you can easily hire a programmer or software creator at Elance, Guru or Rent A Coder, three freelance sites where freelancers hang about. Have an idea for a software product? Get it done!

Now go and create your own product!

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