Article Marketing - A Foolproof Strategy to Get More Traffic, Build Your List, and Boost Your Sales

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If you're looking to increase your traffic, build your list and boost your sales and profits in general, then article marketing is a foolproof strategy to achieve that. I'm often asked "What is the easiest way to make money online?" And always my answer to that question is article marketing.

Here is how to reap the traffic and profits from article marketing:

Step 1 - Write/Outsource 100 Articles

Write or outsource 100 keyword-optimized articles to submit to the directories. The reason why you want 100 articles and not 20 articles or 10 articles is because you want a volume of quality articles out there grabbing traffic for you.

Step 2 - Submit Articles To Top-Tier Article Directories

You only need to submit your articles to the top-tier directories to flood your website with traffic! Create a list of the top 5 sites and submit your articles to these sites.

Step 3 - Send Traffic To An Opt-In Page

You can send your article traffic to a sales page or a blog, but the best kind of website to send your visitors to is an opt-in page where you build your list from. With a list, you can 'recycle' the traffic you get by sending follow-ups to your subscribers.

Step 4 - Repeat The Process

Write or outsource more articles every month to increase your traffic. Imagine if you get 1000 visitors per month from 100 articles (a conservative number). Add another 100 articles in the following month and you will have 200 articles, which should give you around 2000 visitors. After 10 months, you can easily have up to 10000 visitors per month coming to your site!

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