List Building Made Simple-Step by Step, Even If You Have No Prior Knowledge

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If you're still wondering how to get started in internet marketing because you don't know just where to begin or you've tried a lot of other random things and they haven't worked, then one of the easiest options is here.

Building a list is a known method of making money online regardless of what else you are doing, and it's also a very easy method to learn and do.

List building in your niche or several niche creates an asset that you own that will continue to grow your business regardless of changes made by Google or any affiliate prgrams, etc.

Basically, once you find a niche market and have done your keyword research, you then do some very simple steps:
  • Get A Domain Name
  • Get Your Own Hosting Account
  • Put Up a Simple Squeeze Page
  • Set Up Your Auto Responder
  • Create Your First Few Emails With Valuable Information & Offers
  • Get Traffic to Your Site
Actually none of those steps are difficult.

Your website can be put up in a matter of minutes once you have the domain and hosting.

And there are plenty of free squeeze pages available to use.

The real key to creating a money making list is at the very beginning of this
process and at the very end of it.

Any free course can give you step by step instructions on the other parts, which take a little time but are really simple to do.

But if you don't do adequate keyword research to find a niche or a micro niche that has enough search volume but not too much competition, it will all be over before it starts. And if you mess it up once you have people on your list, they just opt out and you wasted your time again.

Doing good keyword research may take some time upfront, but will save you a lot of time, wasted energy and grief if done properly.

We suggest that you use the free Google Keyword Tool and look for an exact match keyword that gets more than 2500 monthly global searches, but that also has less than 25000 results when you search the term without quotes in Google.

Once you have people on your list, make sure to offer a lot of value before you promote to them too much. Know what you are going to give away and then make sure you deliver what you promised.

Build a good relationship with your subscribers and really serve them and you will do well.
Those are the basics.

It is really simple and truly, anyone can do it.

Once you get the basics down the first time, you can build list after list after list in different niches and have multiple streams of income.
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