Email Marketing - 5 Hot Tips to Create a Mountain of Cash From Email Marketing

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Want to make piles of cash from email marketing? Here are 5 hot tips gleaned from the 'trenches' that you can use to explode your email profits:

1. Co-reg and list buying can work. Many sources don't work, so many people think co-reg and list buying are dead end roads. They are not if you use the right source (and they are not a dime a dozen by any means. Many 'sources' are just out to scam you and make a quick buck).

2. Always use double opt-in. You never know when the rules will change and make a double opt-in a must for your email marketing business. Plus, you don't want your jealous competitors to put a spanner in your works every once in a while by entering the email address of another competitor. Or you don't want people with too much free time entering their friends' email addresses or something like that.

3. Subscribe to many email marketing lists and see which kind of email marketing style interests you. See what successful marketers are doing with their email promotions. See how they write their subject lines, how they start their emails, how short/long their copy is and how they sign off their emails. Reverse engineering is the fast track to profits.

4. Study traffic generation methods. List building and traffic generation go hand in hand. Without traffic, you can't build a list. Create a master list of traffic generation strategies, and make them your business priority.

5. This is a key tip: study what successful marketers are doing to get traffic. Then put their strategies into your business. You are getting a 'shortcut' to success. No business MBA will give you this.

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