Internet Marketing - Learn How to Build a Massive Affiliate Sales Force to Promote Your Products

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If you are selling your own product online, it only makes sense that you will want to sell more copies of it to increase your profits. One surefire way to increase your sales without any additional effort is by having an affiliate army to promote your products. Having an affiliate sales force promoting your products is one of the best things that can happen: it is marketing that happens on autopilot!

Here is how to build a massive affiliate sales force to promote your products:

1. Create Affiliate Promotion Tools

If you want other marketers to promote your products, you have got to have affiliate promotion tools ready for them to promote at their beck and call. These can consist of graphical banners, sample promotional emails, solo ads, pay per click ads and articles.

2. Find Potential Affiliates

Look for potential affiliates in your market. Some ways to find super affiliates include using the search engines to look for popular websites and contact the owners, going to Clickbank's Marketplace or hanging around in forums.

3. Contact Affiliates

Contact the affiliates you have found via email. Keep your JV email short and to the point to get more affiliates on board your affiliate program.

4. Network With Suitable Joint Venture Partners

Consider networking with other business owners in your niche. You can find them on forums, Facebook or MySpace. Joint venture partners with big lists can give your product sales a massive boost with just one mailing to their email list. Joint ventures are the fastest way to skyrocket your business!

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