The Different Types Of Google Adwords Advertising

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Advertising or marketing is actually like waging a war and in order to win this, you have to make sure that there are several battlefronts or theaters where you can get involve in. In online marketing, it means that you have to engage in the different methods, from plain search engine optimization, to social media marketing, and to the creative ways of employing Google Adwords.

Even the use of Google Adwords necessitates the employment of the different types if you really want to achieve the best results in your marketing campaign, which would be translated into actual revenues in the end. Because of this, you certainly have to know first what the different types are so that you could make use of them in your campaign.

There are actually just two basic different types of advertising that can be done with the use of Google Adwords; these are through Google's search network and through the content network. Apparently, the differences are based primarily on the locations in which the ads are to be posted, which means that you do not really have to double your effort in creating both instead of just type.

When Google's search network is used, you would notice your ads appearing on the search results page, especially if the item or topic being searched for are related in any way to your ad. In content network, on the other hand, the ads would appear on the relevant site that anyone may be reading or browsing.

However, there are also certain disadvantages in both types of advertising and these are things that you should also know if you want to make sure that your campaign achieves the desired results. Aside from this, knowing the disadvantages would also prompt you to seek solutions by improving the quality of your ads, as well as increasing the number of those that you
have posted.

When people use the search engine, they tend to focus more on the results provided to them and not on the ads that usually appear at the right-most side. If such is the case, you could not expect your ads to be clicked on, which would have consequently led people to your website.

In the content networks, people may not be interested at all with the products that you are offering and they may treat your ads just as they would with the billboards they pass by while driving, a quick glance and then ignore. Nevertheless, you should still continue to apply this because
it could attract a number of people and it could still produce the effect that you wish for.

A good suggestion would be for you to combine the application of both types of advertising in Google Adwords. Better still, make both a part of an even greater campaign design.

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