How To Keep Track Of Your Site Traffic Through The Online Counter

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The business world is all about dealing with sales, profit and loss. Keeping up with these things helps the business owner get well informed and forces them to act on appropriate business decisions.

Business owners always have to implement quantifiable accounting measures in order to track their businesses and keep them afloat especially when the economic situation globally is not showing much improvement. In the same manner, website owners who are also business owners, will have to install tools that could help gauge the effects of their online marketing efforts.

Everything starts with a vision, followed by concrete objectives and then there are plans to implement the goals. As a website owner, the vision is to have profitable income, the objective is to generate sales and one of your concrete plans is to check and measure if the on line counters installed in your website provides information leading to possible sales.

While browsing the Internet you may have noticed those counters growing in numbers each time a visitor drops by that website. This is the very same thing that should also be installed in your own if you want to know the basic statistics for the number of 'hits' that you target for a day or month.

There are different versions of online counters that come in different look. Some are written in the programming languages such as the Perl version, a C++ version and the more colorful graphical version that do the same counting pattern.

However, there are some website owners who like to have more than just the basic information. You may want to know other useful information that logs and keeps track of page views, number of minutes each visitor spends on a page arranged according to the specific day and time.

Sophisticated types also take note of the geographical location of each visitor. This includes even the specific details like what browsers are used to access your site, and breaks them down to comprehensive reports that show in graph which specific month, week, day and time you had the greatest number of visitors.

This is very much useful in determining the positive effects after launching a major Internet marketing campaign. It is a good metric to use if you hired an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) service to conduct a massive image boost for your website.

All marketing efforts will be useless if you do not have any tool that gives you an idea if what you did just paid off or not. So if you think installing an on line counter will truly help you measure and hit your target market in time, then do not let anything hinder you.

There are free easy to install programs out there, but there are also some who are offering this feature at a very minimal cost - everything is done to help your website running and of course 'counting'. Nothing gives a business owner a better peace of mind when everything is seen in visible numbers.

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