Banner Exchange And Its Effects To Site Traffic

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If you notice while browsing through a website there are small boxes with colored 'click-able links' spread all over a page. Some have them on the top part, bust mostly are seen on the right frame of the web page.

As a user, you may have skipped those links and probably, the possibility of clicking them is so minimal because they seem to look similar. And besides, you noticed that some links provided in there does not even relate to the topic you are reading.

This has been the effect of the traditional paid banner advertising. Website owners avails a 'pay-per-click' advertising service each time a visitors click the banner or the link that directs that visitor to your site.

But for the past decade a different way of link building has been proven useful in gaining visitors and improving traffic to your website. It is called the banner exchange method.

In the massive 'web' and interconnection of the world wide web, search engine algorithms or programs have been created to put much weight on websites with numerous external links found all over different domains. It is called link-building, which basically means - the more your business is found elsewhere, the more it gets popular and therefore, there is a huge possibility of a page ranking increase and more traffic for you.

In the same manner, banner exchange works similarly with link building. The only difference is because of the word 'banner' you will have to trade in the ability to show a similar advertising banner within your site in exchange for your site to be shown in another website.

You can take advantage by choosing banners that works best for you. Some types are categorized as the 'Unusual Banners'. These are the ones that get the attention of a possible visitor by making use of the 'mouse hover' function or the 'scrolling text feature'.

Banner exchanges are truly effective when dealing with website traffic increase. But still you're wondering how it works?

Some services offering this type of online marketing techniques are equipped with intelligent software that enables your ad to be shown only in relevant websites. For instance you are into selling of printed T-shirts online, you might see your banner shown in an on line customized gift shop or a shopping mall perhaps.

This gives you the assurance that aside from targeting not only search engine 'link' crawlers but actual people who are most likely interested with the line of products you are selling. Then it becomes a successful strategy when out of 100 online viewers, you get a few customers visiting and who knows you might just land into a wholesaler deal willing to buy all your stuff with a fair amount of profit in the end.

It worked for so many websites and so why not try and experience it for your self, nothing sown will reap nothing. You should always consider banner exchange just like how you treat your other SEO and on line marketing efforts.

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