Stop Working For Google And Begin Building Your Own Business

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There is no doubt that when it comes to SEO, organic search, and getting to the top of Google, that things can change for you. But the truth be known, when this becomes your business model, which it truly should not be, you will fail at some time. Why would you build a business on something that someone else controls. Think about it, when your entire business model is geared around whether or not you can get to the top of Google, who are you are really working for.

The truth to real lasting wealth can be quoted this way; If one were to take a map of the world and plot the locations of where great fortunes were made it would reveal one of the big secrets to creating great wealth – location, location, location. A great location affected by or undergoing momentous change is the place to be. (p. 37). The History of the World’s Greatest EntrepreneursThe History of the World’s Greatest Entrepreneurs

We are in a time of momentous change. We are in a time when the internet is not even being used at its fullest potential. You live in a time where every internet guru is rehashing stuff that may of worked years ago, but offers nothing new. You have entire companies being built on false information about building their sites to be seen by Google.

Dont get me wrong, it is nice when Google sees your site or ranks you on a page or two. As copyblogger said one time; Google makes Microsoft look like a lemonaid stand.

But to build everything on a company that can pull your account, or take away your rankings without an explanation at all…is not a healthy business model. Dare I say that it is not a business model at all. Why do you think so many lost their shirts when the Panda update came out. Because their entire lively hood was wrapped up in one company. It was like the dot com crash back in the day. In this case everything was dependent on being in the rankings of Google. And when Google changes the rules, guess what, you start over.

Look at the quote again, the secrets of creating great wealth, is location, location, location. But not just any location, but a location that is undergoing a momentous change.

Guess what, you are there right now. You are sitting in that place. When everyone else around you is failing and not making money online, and building their business on giving away the farm to build a list. You need to be paying attention to those who are truly making money online.

Did you know that even those who own and operate some of the most successful blogs on our planet, dont generate as much income as they do in product creation and building partnerships with very smart people.

I know it is sexy to buy the next thing that comes out on the market or to be looking for those products that help you build backlinks or pay for that crazy program that promises to get you to the top of Google, or to run off into social marketing, or the new craze, get offline clients. But truth be known, the real market, the real money, is your ability to communicate a clear and concise message.

YEP…you need to learn how to communicate a clear message among all the hype that is out there. The majority of people who use the internet use it either find information, talk about the concert they went to last night, or to copy a college paper someone else wrote. Just the fact that you are reading this tells me that you have and know something that others are willing to pay you money for.

Here is the trick, just because you know the information, and would not pay money for that info, it does not mean others wont. People will thank you for sharing the info, and shake your hand as they give you money.

Once you learn what that your message is, then promote it without worrying about your ranking on Google, you will begin to build a business that will survive this century. Did you know that those who make great incomes online, dont even know where their content ranks online. They may check it or keep an eye on it, but they are not worried about it.

Because their business is not built off of Google. Matter of fact Google can make any changes they want or even be taken away by a bigger and better competitor, and they will continue making money. You know why, because they positioned themselves apart from the so called “gurus” and truly placed themselves in a “location” that is undergoing momentous change.

Those that make a lot of money online have grasped what Seth Godin recently blogged and said; In a world of surfers, all you can do is work to make the best wave you can. The real revolution is that you get to make waves, not just ride them.

Have you ever seen the movies of the kings when they are getting ready to go to battle. Have you noticed where the strategy people always sat before the charge was to take place. They sat in the tents. They had the map, they knew the plan, and they knew what orders to give to those outside the tent. There are always fewer people sitting in the tent, then those outside the tent.

Ask yourself, am I sitting with the horde waiting for the direction to be given to me, or am I in the tent. Take a look around! Take a look around and ask yourself. Am I standing with the horde, or have I moved and positioned myself in a a location that is undergoing a momentous change.

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