Link Building - 5 Insider Tactics For Getting Links to Your Website in a Jiffy

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If you have an interest in increasing your website traffic and search engine optimization, then you would know that building backlinks to your website is one of the most important keys for success.

Here are 5 insider tactics for getting links to your website in a jiffy:

1. Blog Commenting

Find high trafficked blogs and make comments on the posts. Link back to your website in the posts. But be sure not to just spam the blogs with mindless comments, contribute something useful as most blogs moderate comments before they go 'live'.

2. Forum Posting

This is another tactic for leveraging on high trafficked sites. Many forums on the Internet receive thousands of visitors per day. Do you think you can tap into some of this traffic? You bet you can! Create a nice signature file with a link back to your site and you can get some juicy, fresh backlinks as well as getting tons of targeted visitors.

3. Article Submission

This is another deadly link building strategy! Submitting articles on article directories allows you to leverage on their high Page Rank. For best results, submit multiple articles promoting your website, and don't forget to make your links anchor text links.

4. Wikipedia

You can get some hot links to your site just by editing Wikipedia pages that are relevant to your business or product. Not to mention, Wikipedia is also a great source of 100% free traffic!

5. Cross-Linking

Do you have a network of blogs or websites? Cross-link your websites to each other to get some instant links for virtually no work at all!

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