Website Traffic - Secrets of Generating Flash Floods of Traffic From Banner Advertising

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Banner advertising has been regularly criticized as being a 'worn out' traffic generation method that doesn't work anymore. But does this argument hold any water?

Well, the truth is that banner ads have received a bit of resurgence lately, with many marketers reporting good results from using them.

Here are the secrets of generating flash floods of traffic from banner advertising:

1. Use AdBrite

AdBrite is a banner advertising network that publishers and advertisers can leverage on to drive traffic or create revenue on their website. You can instantly sign up and have your ad distributed to a network of sites that start funneling traffic to your offers almost immediately.

2. Create Snazzy Graphical Banners

Graphics are key when it comes to banners. 'Shocking' graphics work very well for grabbing attention. Since most people are 'banner blind' and don't notice banners these days, your banner will really stand out if you use killer graphics.

3. Find Relevant Sites

Find sites in your niche that are super relevant to your offer. These sites are potential candidates to advertise on. Contact these sites and see if they offer any deals for you to put your banner ad on their site.

4. Write Killer Copy

Marketing copy is the gateway to making sales (and getting traffic!). Just as shocking graphics work well to grab attention, your words must also be in sync to capture the imagination of Internet surfers. When you do this, your click through rates will blow through the roof, and you'll receive a residual flow of traffic.

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