Article List Building - How to Build a Thirsty and Highly Qualified List From Article Marketing

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Here's the list building method that generates the most qualified subscribers on the Internet: article marketing! Yes, article marketing generates super targeted subscribers because when readers read your articles, trust is being built (hopefully). If you have provided good content in your articles, readers will be warm and want to learn more about the information they have come to receive.

Here's how you can build a thirsty and highly qualified list from article marketing:

1. Keep Your Articles Short

Short articles work best for the web; it's no secret! People are having shorter attention spans on the Internet, so it pays to have short articles that provide the information straight up. If a person is hungry for information, he wants it right now!

2. Write Content-Laden Articles

Make sure your articles are packed to the brim with meaty content that your users can use to take action now. Ask yourself 'Is Your Article Really Helpful?' If it isn't, add in some more points that might help your readers achieve their goals.

3. Insert A Compelling Resource Box

Your resource box is what leads readers of your articles to your website to opt-in to your list. The best kind of resource box talks the least about yourself and the most about what's in it for the visitor. Emphasize the word Free in your resource box, spell out the main benefits, and call your reader to action to click through.

4. Send Your Traffic To An Opt-In Page

Send all your article marketing traffic to an opt-in page to build your list.

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