Why Facebook Is Now Crucial For Your SEO Campaigns

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I'm sure that many of you will have seen the countless online ****** adverts scattered across the side of your Facebook home page, but how many have you ever stopped to think why they are suddenly doing that?

Is it because they feel that they haven't quite spammed you enough through the alternative mediums? Perhaps ... But, more likely than that, it's to do with the latest Google algorithm update that now means Facebook pages and even comments are being crawled and indexed.

For the past decade and more, Google has based its algorithms purely on the reputation of a site from outdated page rank rules, age and relevance ... but thanks to its most recent update: Google Caffeine v2, it has joined the 21st century and is now counting social media as a major cornerstone in ranking websites and blogs.

So what does that mean for the average Joe Bloggs who has a website and is trying to accommodate all the new changes in his SEO strategy? Well it's simple really - get on Facebook. Their search box at the top of the site is being used by an army of 800million active accounts (so they say), and is a great place in which to index your site. Think about it, by creating a fan page for your business or even a listing, people can find you without you having to pay a penny.

More importantly than that, Facebook 'likes' are becoming as effective as backlinksand this is a great way to expand your audience. Posting some content on Facebook in a couple of relevant category groups will earn you a ton of new readers, potentially some new unique visitors to your site, and even (fingers crossed) some sales.

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