Building Membership Sites For Profit: The Insider Track To Residual Income

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What's the best way to make a residual income online? It's membership sites! These are the drivers for many online businesses' residual income that just arrives on autopilot each and every month. Imagine owning your own profitable membership site, it's like owning an automatic teller machine that spits out cash every month without fail.

Here's the insider track to building membership sites for profit:

1. Choose A Profitable Theme For Your Membership Site

This may not sound creative or even original, but one way to choose a profitable theme for your membership site is see what themes do other membership sites in your niche have. If they have been operating for a while, it is clear that the theme has been profitable for them. You can put your own spin and create a similar membership site without it being the same.

2. Get Killer Content

Gather killer content for your website. What I do is I have all my content ready for 3-6 months, so whenever the next month comes around, I just plug in the content! There are two options for your content creation: you can write it yourself or you can hire a professional freelancer to write it.

3. Set Up Your Payment Mechanism

Paypal and Clickbank are two of the best options for setting up a recurring billing payment plan on your website. The plus side of Clickbank is that you can gather affiliates to promote your site on autopilot, or you could even turn your customers into your affiliates to promote your site.

4. Drive Traffic!

Without traffic, no membership site can survive, let alone any online business for that matter. Work on this and spend 80% of your time on it, the power of your marketing will determine your site's success. Here are the tactics I use with a great deal of success: article marketing, Adwords, forum marketing and joint ventures.

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