List Building Secrets - How to Use List Building Networks to Build an Enormous List!

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Here's your chance to find out how to use list building networks like Your Lucky List and List Dot Com to grow your mailing list. How list building networks work is like this:

You build a downline randomly or/and by promoting your referral link. You can then send emails to your downline once every few days or even every day in some cases. When your downline grows their own downline, their downline also joins in your downline, allowing you to build a big list really fast.

To succeed in such list building programs, put yourself in the shoes of the person like you who is using the network. He is interested in two things: getting traffic and building a mailing list. So how do you get his attention? By creating a free report on building a list/getting traffic and giving it away through a squeeze page to build your list.

Don't sell stuff when using this programs - it doesn't work. You've got to use them for what they were meant for - to build a list.

It's not hard to create a free report on list building or traffic generation. You can write a content-laden short report of 10-15 pages full of meaty information or simply hire a freelancing ghostwriter to write it.

Now, the most important part of your campaign in list building networks is the email you send out to your downline to promote your squeeze page with your free report. Always put in your number one benefit in the email's subject line and keep your email short and curiosity-based.

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