My 5 Most Effective Traffic Generation Techniques

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(Just a quick note. I stumbled upon Onibalusi's blog and I was stunned. Here was a 17 year old who wrote with the eloquence and wisdom of a 45 year old. On top of that his blog is now at about 15,000 Alexa which even tops the traffic for this blog which has been around for 10 years. He accomplished this feat in just 2 years of blogging. And get this, he is not even a native speaker of English. He did not ask me to guest blog. I sought him out and asked him to write specifically on the subject of his 5 most effective traffic generation techniques. I suggest you take note. Onibalusi knows his stuff when it comes to traffic generation. Your comments are always appreciated- Matthew Meyer.)

Have you ever wondered what the secret recipe for blogging success is? While it might be cool to create great content, or to look for a way to get people to act on your offer, the number one ingredient that will determine how far you will go with your online business is traffic, and traffic, and traffic. Nothing else! It might be great to have great copywriting knowledge, and it might be awesome to have the best product on earth, but without traffic, every other thing is useless.

I have been blogging for almost two years now, and within that period, I have been able to build my blog to a stage where it is now getting over 25,000 visitors a month, and it has gotten over 260,000 visitors till date. In this article, I will be sharing my 5 most effective traffic generation techniques with you.

1. Guest Blogging
It was only after a few months of my starting blog that I heard about guest blogging. The concept of guest blogging was still new then, and I was awed by the kind of traffic other bloggers are getting just by writing a guest post for another blog. I started guest blogging after that, and the result has always been great.

My first guest post on another blog sent me around 50 visitors the week it went live, and after a few months of learning how guest blogging works I submitted a guest post to an A-list blog, and that guest post resulted in over 1,000 visitors the day it went live. Ever since then, I have decided that guest blogging will be an integral part of my marketing approach.

There are countless articles on guest blogging if you want to know more about the subject, but I also have a complete guest blogging guide on my blog written as a result of my experiments.

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