Clients Are People Too

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Thanks to Social Media there are now two kinds of marketing approaches in the world: Those that attach people to things, and those that attach things to people. Let me explain.
Since the ancient Greeks we have been slicing and dicing people into various categories, races, beliefs, genders, and a myriad other ways. People have found bits of themselves in scrolls, ledgers and spreadsheets as our slicing and dicing has gotten more and more sophisticated.

But no matter how clever we get, we never quite seems to cover all the bases. Listen, for example, to someone giving a family order at a fast food restaurant..."...and can you give us two plates with that, and hold the mayo on one half of the burger, and can I use my daughter's cup for the soda, she loves her cup; and please don't put anything in cardboard; we're all allergic..." There may be a "two plate" button, but I can promise you there are no "half mayo", "own cup" or "no cardboard" buttons on the server's computer screen.

This is the classical problem that comes with being forced to attach people to things. The customer may always be right, but you also can't please all of the people all of the time, no matter how sophisticated your ledger. Marketers have toiled over this issue for centuries. Our approach has been to refine the ledger, add fields, build a better spreadsheet; and no one even guessed that there could be a way to turn the tables... until now.

Social media has changed the rule book. No longer in my marketing am I forced to attach people to things, I can now attach things to people. I can look at people the way they want to be looked at, approach them at their convenience. It is a remarkable evolution for marketing, more of a renaissance than merely a game changer.

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