Email Marketing - 3 Different Kinds Of Lists You Must Build (There Is No Explanation Like This)

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There are 3 kinds of mailing lists any email marketer should be building if they want to have the most profitable email marketing setup. In this article, I'm going to talk about the 3 lists you need to build.

1. The Subscribers List

This is your main subscribers list that you build by offering a valuable free gift of some sort on your opt-in page. The numbers on this list should be the biggest since this will be first line of entry your visitors see and enter. Your goal should be to build this list as big as possible.

2. The Customers List

Next comes your customers list. This is a list of your customers. Whenever your customer buys a product, send him automatically to the download page and make an opt-in form prominent. He can opt-in to receive updates or notifications of future product offers. Your customers list is typically your most profitable list, although it is much smaller than your subscribers list. This is because you can sell higher-ticket items like home study courses and coaching courses to your customers list and many will upgrade.

3. The Affiliates/Joint Venture Partners List

This is a list of your affiliates and joint venture partners. Basically, these are the promoters of your products who want to earn commissions by making sales of your products. Send them regular emails about new updates in your affiliate program, and new products for them to promote. A neat tactic is to turn your customers into your affiliates, since they have already used your product.

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