Headline Writing Exposed - How To Write A Money-Sucking Headline!

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How many times have you heard "The headline is the most important element of a sales letter"? There's a reason why it's repeated so many times by vaunted copywriters - because it's true! You've got to have a headline that is right on the money if you want an awesome converting sales letter.

Here are some tips for writing a money-sucking headline:

1. Keep It To Less Than 17 Words!

I think it was one of the great copywriting experts who once said that a headline should be no more than 17 words (I can't remember his name now!). Use 17 words as a guideline. 20 words is ok, but try to avoid using 25 words. A good headline shouldn't be too long or too short!

2. Use Proven Templates

Scour websites that are selling well in your niche and grab some ideas to use in your own headlines. Some proven templates are 'How To' headlines, 'Who Else Wants To' headlines and 'Exposed: _____' headlines.

3. Include Powerful Emotional Words

Your headline must strike an emotional chord with your visitor and grab his attention immediately! You want him to focus 100% on your sales letter and cut out everything else. The way you can do this is by including powerful, emotional words like 'amazing', 'groundbreaking', 'breakthrough' and 'exposed'.

4. Include Your Main Killer Benefit!

What's the main benefit your customers will get when they use your product? How will their lives improve immensely? Be sure to include this benefit in your headline! Make it sound exciting, and you have a potentially killer headline.

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