Ebook Marketing - How To Find Superstar Affiliates To Promote Your Ebook

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If you think that ebook marketing is about spending tons of money on advertising or spending 14 hours a day on marketing, then think again. There's a way to get tons of traffic to your sales page without spending thousands or even spending much effort - and it's called joint venture marketing.

Joint ventures are the fastest way for anyone to gain rapid success and dominate their niche. It can be used in a variety of ways - list building, product launching and giveaway events. It's the quickest way to get traffic and sales for your ebook.

So how do you find superstar affiliates to promote your ebook?

There are various places. Here are some of them:

1) Forums

Forums are a great networking tool where you meet like-minded people. The Warrior Forum is one forum where many profitable joint ventures have been formed over the years. Here's an idea: find a few joint venture partners to enter a niche and conquer it together!

2) Social networking sites

Facebook and MySpace are highly useful for networking purposes. They are personal and you can get a lot of good contacts just by spending time interacting with others on the site.

3) Clickbank

Go to Clickbank's Marketplace and look for product owners that sell products in your niche. Find their contact details and get in touch with them.

4) Search engines

The search engines are always a nifty tool for searching for anything! It's no different when looking for potential joint venture partners. Use popular keywords in your niche and find relevant websites to contact.

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