How To Generate Floods Of Hungry Traffic From Paid Ezine Ads

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Ezine ads are probably the most under-rated advertising method on the Internet. When used well, it can be a devastating way to add leads to your business and generate a quick traffic and sales boost. The problem is many marketers give up when their ads don't perform as well as expected. Remember this marketing rule - the gold is in the follow-up!

With every ezine that you break even with or see average results, there is always the potential to eke out more from it with one or two follow-up emails. If you send follow-up emails, you will be ahead of the ezine advertising crowd.

How do you do ezine advertising the professional way? Here's how it is done:

1. Find An Ezine To Advertise In

You can find many effective ezines to advertise in by subscribing to Charlie Page's Directory Of Ezines. Using the simple search tool there, you can easily find ezines that are related to your product.

2. Write A Solo Ad

The only kind of ezine ad you will want to use for best results is the solo ad. The other two kinds of ezine ads are classified ads and sponsor ads, small ad placements. A solo ad, on the other hand, is an email promotion that only promotes your product. It costs more, but it will give you a better return on investment. Follow the principles of email marketing by writing a powerful benefit-filled subject line, and tell a story in your email and call your readers to action (buy or subscribe to your newsletter etc).

3. Write A Follow-Up Email

If your ezine ad does pretty well, it is time to use the ezine again to send a follow-up email.

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