Traffic Generation - How To Pump Absolute Floods Of Visitors To Your Site From Viral Tactics

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Viral marketing is regarded as one of the most explosive tactics to generate tons of laser-targeted visitors. It's a tricky marketing tactic to get right, but when it does, the traffic just flows in non-stop!

Here is how to carry out your own viral marketing operation to see explosive results:

Step #1 - Create A Compelling Free Report

Your free report should contain some new information that has not been revealed before. It can be controversial or revealing. The idea is to get people to spread your report around fast!

Step #2 - Get A Tell-A-Friend Script

There are numerous tell-a-friend scripts online that you could use (free or paid). This is vital for an explosive viral marketing campaign. If every subscriber you get refers two more people on average, you have just tripled your list without doing any added work! To get more people to refer, offer an additional free product to those who get a specified number of referred friends.

Step #3 - Get An Autoresponder

The likes of Aweber and Get Response do not allow the integration of tell-a-friend scripts with their autoresponder. However, you can get your own hosted autoresponder and this won't be a problem. The best self-hosted autoresponder I have found is Auto Response Plus.

Step #4 - Get Traffic

I know, this article is about viral marketing. You're going to have to use other traffic generation methods like article marketing and forum marketing to initiate this viral effect. Promote your free report, and your subscribers will promote your site for you using the tell-a-friend script. Once word spreads around about your report, more will sign up and it will generate a traffic explosion!

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