Make Money With Blogging: Supercharge Your Profits

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As a blogger, you have two goals in mind. One is to give value to the readers and the other one is to make money from it. In this article, you are going to learn how to earn more profits to your blog. Most of the bloggers right now are having troubles to monetize their blogs, so this will be a good help.

How to supercharge your profits with blogging?

1. Blog everyday

If you want to supercharge your profits, you should blog everyday. Although it is not required, but I think it will help you a lot to get more search engine traffic. I think you should blog at least 1-2 valuable posts a day, but make sure your affiliate links are there so that you won't miss the profit stage.

2. Create more backlinks

Don't just stick to write posts in your blog, you just have to double your time in building backlinks to your blog. Try to share it on your Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites. Social bookmarks are also very useful which Google Panda loves it, so always bookmark your blog post with it.

3. Create interesting Youtube videos

You also need to create videos on Youtube for your blog to gain more exposure, and attach it to your blog post. Once a visitor searches something on Google, it is possible that the Youtube videos may appear on the first page (depends on your keyword). Don't just create videos that are too simple, try to act like a "celebrity" that catches attention to the viewers.

If you do this every single day, there's no doubt that your profits will be supercharged in no time. Just rinse and repeat this on your own, and even make it look better with some little twists and turns.

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