Home Business - The 3-Step System For Generating Qualified Customers

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In any business, whether it's a home business or an offline business, generating qualified customers is an important part of the equation. Whether your business is multi-level marketing, ezine newsletter publishing or ebook publishing, you'd want to generate a list of qualified leads to follow up with.

Here's a proven 3-step system for generating qualified customers (the best thing about this system is that it follows a systematic process for turning visitors into subscribers, into customers and then into clients)

1. Turn Visitors Into Subscribers

You'd want to send visitors to a simple opt-in page to qualify your visitors. If your visitors are not even willing to give you their email address, what chance of them becoming your clients? Not much. So always send your traffic to an opt-in page where they can opt-in list.

2. Turn Subscribers Into Buyers

Send related offers to your subscribers at various times of the month and turn them into buyers. Build a separate customers list for these buyers, as they are more targeted than your normal subscribers.

3. Turn Buyers Into Clients

Create a coaching program if your business is in marketing information. If your business isn't selling information, then step 2 is the final step. But if you are selling information of any kind that aims to help people do something better, then you can offer a high-priced coaching program only for those who are really interested. You can charge hundreds or even thousands of dollars for this coaching program. You'll work one-on-one with your clients and help them achieve their goals.

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