How to Triple Your Leads, Website Traffic and Profits Using This Amazing Strategy?

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What if you discovered a simple system that you can use today that will instantly double even triple your leads and traffic?

That simply means you will triple your existing website profits and sales.

What if I told you that this system has a viral effect? Once you have set up this unique system the traffic and leads keep increasing for a long time to come without putting in any additional efforts.

Do you know that you need to set up this system only once and it will keep working for you continuously for years to come?

What if it took you less than a week to install and make it work on your website?

Such a system exists and it is easy to get started with it. This simple system is called as...

2 way viral marketing system.

Here's how it works...

You create a free report and include some sections in the free PDF report where your subscribers can brand your PDF report with their name, website address and affiliate links.

There is software called viral PDF that will help you to do this easily.

Once you have branded these reports give the free report and the brand able software to your leads.

Create a tutorial explaining them how to brand your PDF report and how they can distribute this report to their list of subscribers and also on their website.

When this report spreads your subscribers will make money with all the affiliate links and their website links in the report.

This report also includes links to your squeeze pages and products. This way it will keep making you money and help you to get more traffic to your website.

Here's how this formula gets viral. The visitors of your subscribers will receive this same report and they will also get instructions to brand the report and distribute it to their list.

As this cycle continues, you will keep getting more and more visitors and thereby more and more leads.

After a certain point you will keep getting traffic from hundreds of reports that have distributed all around.

Here's the second viral system that you can install to make this formula more powerful...

What you should be doing is divert all the traffic to a simple squeeze page where you build your list.

When the subscriber signs up to your list give them a tell a friend form and ask them to tell 3 friends about your squeeze page and they will in return receive one more additional free gift from you.

Many of your subscribers will end up telling 3 more people about your squeeze page and this keeps getting viral as these friends will also get the same option to tell 3 more friends about your squeeze page.

Imagine all the reports driving you traffic and this tell a friend report is multiplying the traffic you are getting from your reports up to 3 times.

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