AdSense Profiting Secrets - A Foolproof 5-Step System For Perpetual AdSense Profits

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Thanks to Google Adsense, many people are now making a part-time income or even a full-time living from the Internet. Adsense and Adwords are what pump a lot of cash into Google's coffers, as well as into the pockets of many online business owners.

Here's a foolproof 5-step system for perpetual Adsense profits:

1. Find A Profitable Adsense Niche

You'd want a niche that you have some vested interest in at the very least and most importantly, a niche where money is being made! You can tell that by looking at the prices that people are paying for Adwords ads in that niche. One good resource for this is the Top Paying Keywords website.

2. Create A Simple Blog

A blog is better than a website because of it's search engine optimization capabilities. Also, they are free to get started with and get up and running right away.

3. Generate Hard-Hitting Optimized Content

There are two ways to create content: either write it or hire it out! Writing your content takes time, but hiring it out does cost money, so choose your 'poison' wisely.

4. Optimize Your Blog For The Search Engines

This is where you optimize and fine-tune your blog for high search engine rankings. This is done by inserting the right keywords into your meta tags and also by generating incoming links to your website through various means like social bookmarking, forum posts and link exchanges.

5. Market Your Blog

Continue to market your blog by submitting articles to article directories, posting on forums and even using free classified ads to generate the maximum amount of traffic to your blog.

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