Website Traffic System Every One Is Talking About ( Start Your Internet Business Today ) - Part 2

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Question - I have 85 pages of content on my website. I am planning to submit all these articles to article directories as I hear every one telling me to do this.

Answer - I would not advise you to do this. I may be wrong based on experiences of different marketers. But based on my testing of one of the skin sites this is what I did. I created a unique content site based on silo structure and optimized the website using LSI keywords and keywords with moderate competition.

I then made sure that I linked all the pages of the site with my articles.

The results were fabulous. The site got over 10k visitors in 6 months.

Actually it was an offline skin clinic project where I had to get local clients to their clinic. The site got top ranking for keywords like skin, skin clinic, skin care and hundreds of keywords in Google India.

All I did was added unique quality content on the site and I did not do much of the link building stuff. I guess the unique content on the site got all the traffic and ranking.

What I would suggest is that you write more articles and distribute them all around in article directories, blog networks, etc. In your articles start deep linking your site, what I mean is that link all your 85 pages within the article resource box that you submit. This should get you better ranking and traffic rather than posting your current 85 articles on your site to article directories.

Question - I can write an article in 4 minutes too. However I cannot make sense out of it when I go back and read it.

Answer - I don't read it though, rather I give it to one of my freelancers to proof-read my article, remove few typos if there are any and then submit it to and various other places. This leaves me to keep writing for an hour or 2 and churn out 10-15 quality articles a day. If you write an article and simultaneously check it, it slows you down. Rather you should write 10 articles and then go about checking all of them and then submitting all of them. This helps in speeding things up.

Just apply these simple steps and you will see massive results in next 30 days. So get started right away.

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