Website Traffic System Every One Is Talking About ( Start Your Internet Business Today ) - Part 5

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Here's the testing I have done when I write articles in my niche.

When I submit one article in one of my niches it gets 3 visitors and one lead to my website almost instantly.

In the long run one article gets me 10 visitors and 3 leads approximately.

In the long run I earn $30 out of these articles. That is $10 per lead.

There will be many who will argue that the earnings per article is less. I know that I have control on my traffic and revenue I generate from my articles.

If I wake up tomorrow morning and start writing 10 articles I know that these 10 articles will drive me 100 visitors in next 6 months, get me approximately 30 leads and make me $300 revenue.

This is just an example. This will get me to take massive action once I know my numbers.

Therefore my advice to all newbies is to stop reading opinions and do some of your own testing.

Get your own numbers in your niche because your numbers will be different from my numbers.

Here are 4 steps to success...

1. Create a system.

2. Test it.

3. Scale it up.

4. Re-invest your profits.

Here's what you should do...

1. Create a system - You create a system such as a sales funnel of 10 products, follow-up emails, squeeze pages, etc in your niche.

2. Test it - Submit 100 articles in your system and test everything.

3. Scale it up - If one article earns you $30 profits, you should now focus in submitting 100 articles or even 1000 articles. Now scale up your system.

4. Re-invest your profits - Hire a team of freelancers to write and submit your articles. Take a portion of your profits and re-invest it back in your system to write more articles, get more back links and write more unique content for your website.

The profits will keep coming in as you have completed your testing.

It is all about systems. When you have your system ready it is easy to predict your income.

I hope this makes sense. I wish you all the very best and success in your article writing efforts.

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