Website Traffic System Every One Is Talking About ( Start Your Internet Business Today ) - Part 6

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Question - I thought your model seemed clear and concise. But how do you get on with article robot really? And how do you write 10 articles a day? Are you writing 10 articles for your site? This seems excessive. Thanks for your help!

Answer - It is not necessary that you use article marketing robot to submit your articles. You can use any submission service that you feel fine that is working.

I used article marketing robot before, now I will be testing 'Distribute Your Articles' to see whether the service helps me to distribute my articles better than article marketing robot.

Whatever service you use it is important that you test it. Once you have submitted your articles wait for 7 days and then put your article title in double quotes in Google and you will know where your article has been published.

Yes, I do write 10 to 15 articles per day to my site. I then submit them to and later on to article distribution service I talked about earlier. This is a simple model I use.

It takes me hardly 4 to 5 minutes to write an article. Every article gets me approximately 1 lead to my website instantly. I mostly work in internet marketing and skin care niche and these are competitive niches so you can get better results if you are in a low competitive niche.

However, as I said one article gets me one lead instantly and in the long run between 3 to 5 leads. I make $10 per lead so it is really impressive that I make $30 profits per article which takes me hardly 5 minutes to write. If I work for an hour and write 10 articles per hour I make $300, not a bad return on investment of time.

To make sure you get this kind of return on investment from your articles you have to focus in building your sales funnel.

Your articles will only help you in getting traffic. Your website, squeeze page and sales funnel will actually focus in converting this traffic into money.

You cannot expect to write articles and hope money will flow in. You have to focus in creating and adding quality products in your sales funnel, build rock solid relationship with your subscribers and make sure you provide value at every step.

If you do this on regular basis you will get the momentum going that is required to earn real good returns from your article writing efforts.

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