Website Traffic System Every One Is Talking About ( Start Your Internet Business Today ) - Part 7

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The kind of internet business setup I have done I earn $30 per article in the long run from my sales funnel. Every article in my system gets me approximately 10 visitors and 3 leads in my sales funnel.

My sales funnel contains exceptional value for my subscribers where I have created approximately 50 products that give high value to my leads.

This helps me in earning $10 profits from every lead that gets into my sales funnel.

If you calculate I earn approximately $30 profits from every article in my funnel.

If I get freelancers to write my articles it will cost me $3 per article, which is again a 1000% return on investment if I earn $30 per article. The fact is that this is not difficult to achieve. You have to develop this speed if you wish to create a long-term profitable internet business.

The reason why most people say article marketing does not work is because they just try writing one or two articles per day and they expect a tsunami of traffic. It is tough to get this kind of traffic with a handful of articles and the only way you can get tons of visitors is if you get lucky, some one picks up your article and broadcasts it to his list of 10,000 subscribers.

When a newbie gets started in a new niche he cannot expect to write 10 articles a month and then expect one of them to get in the hands of an ezine publisher who will mail out to his list.

The reason you should focus in knowing how many visitors, leads and revenue each article will get you on an instant and long-term basis is that once you have these numbers you can control your article traffic.

If you know that one article will get you one lead instantly and you are starting out in a new niche where you want to make $100 the first month, you will have a plan. All you need to do is write 100 articles this month, you will get 100 leads instantly, do a mail out of an affiliate product and you will sell few of these products. This will give you control of your article traffic.

Article traffic is unpredictable therefore you have to get your numbers right. This will give you confidence of the value per article and you can then determine the traffic and revenue you wish to get this month and in the long run.

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