Website Traffic System Every One Is Talking About ( Start Your Internet Business Today ) - Part 8

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Here's an article marketing strategy I use to drive predictable direct traffic to my website.

I write an article in my niche and submit them to and hundreds of other directories using a mass distribution service.

The reason I do this is I know that my one article will get me one lead to my website instantly within next 7 days. You should be doing the same thing once you know your articles numbers.

However in the long run your articles might give you hundreds of leads, many of them might get distributed to other websites, ezine publishers might pick up few articles and do a mail out to their list and Google might be happy with few of your articles and put them in page one. Consider all this as an added bonus.

To focus right now you must have control on your traffic if you wish to earn money this month. Therefore get your approximate numbers and start giving quality content.

Quantity also matters when people look at the work you are doing in your niche.

If you are in fitness niche and you are ranking as the number 1 author in the fitness category in, don't you think this will add to your credibility and people will look at you as an expert in that niche. You bet they will and they will take your advice seriously.

If you think writing 10 articles per day is huge work then it is. Here are few things you can do to boost your article writing speed right through the roof...

1. Gain tremendous knowledge in your niche. Learn everything you can.

2. Create an outline based on your knowledge. Your outline will be your blueprint to create your products, emails, content, articles and everything in between.

3. Increase your typing speed. Take a speed typing course. I have developed it and therefore I can write 120 words per minute. For now if you have a slow typing speed grab 'Dragon Naturally Speaking Software'. Don't get anything below version 10. It will help you to speak and convert your speech into words.

How much time will it take for you to speak 4000 words? That is what it will take 'Dragon' to write 10 articles for you.

4. Focus in one niche. Be an expert in that niche. Be an authority in that niche.

5. I use a free tool at

It helps in tracking your word count and also helps in tracking my typing speed per article.

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