Website Traffic System Every One Is Talking About ( Start Your Internet Business Today ) - Part 9

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To make sure that you convert your articles exceptionally well it is important that you focus in developing your sales funnel.

Your articles will only help you in getting traffic. Your website and sales funnel will convert that traffic into sales.

Create the best products, high ticket coaching programs, membership sites, high ticket products and consultation packages in one niche you are focusing. Be the best in it.

This will help you to create a solid sales funnel that will help you to earn $30, even $100 per article you write or get others to write. So your initial focus before you start writing articles for traffic is to develop a solid sales funnel that will give you big returns for your traffic.

Your returns from your articles will solely depend upon the sales funnel you have created.

Therefore along with your article writing and submission work you will have to simultaneously focus in creating your sales funnel which will include...

1. Constant creation of quality products and testing them.

2. Building your list and communicating with them using emails for relationship building.

3. Setting up your products in a compact sales funnel where your leads will go through and then testing the value per lead you are receiving in the long run.

Only when you have this set up in place you will generate good returns from your articles. In fact you can now outsource your articles for $3 to $5 and make a solid return on your investment.

Is it tough to do all this I have said above? Yes, it is initially, your first 3 months.

Is it hard work? Yes, for first few months but when you get the ball rolling you can get others to work for you.

Like I said, there are many side effects of this model...

1. Google will give you top ranking for your targeted keywords you include in your anchor links in your article resource box.

2. You will get traffic from hundreds of websites for long time to come.

3. You will constantly get new leads and visitors from the articles that you publish daily.

4. Many ezine publishers will pick up your articles and mail out to their list.

Consider all this as side effects. For now determine your per article number and focus on writing your articles and submitting them at massive speed.

Just focus on writing and submitting articles, I am sure you will see massive results in the long run.

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