Website Traffic System Every One Is Talking About ( Start Your Internet Business Today ) - Part 10

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Is it worth to write 10 articles per day to drive instant and massive traffic to your website? I am sure there are many who will not agree with me.

The reason is, every one has a different model. There are internet marketers who will just focus in writing one article per day and contact 1000 ezine publishers hoping few of them to broadcast the articles to their subscribers list.

My model is different. I don't contact ezine publishers to broadcast my articles, I don't even expect Google to rank my articles on page 1, however I would be glad if all this happened and I would consider all this as a side bonus.

The only thing I focus on right now is track my results and produce content. I know the results will appear slowly and steadily.

The system I have shared with you is not theory. I have tested the above model for last few years. Here's my story.

I had set up a test website where I wrote around 487 articles when I was a newbie. I had created 4 products in my niche.

I was disappointed with my results as it happens with many newbies who get started with article marketing.

I stopped writing articles as it did not give me returns as I had expected.

This is few years back when I did not focus on the testing and tracking part of setting up an online business.

Now that I know this and have some knowledge about systems I looked into my numbers. I really felt stupid.

This is what happened. These 487 articles even though made me very little profits instantly it slowly spreaded like a virus and got me...

* 6000 highly targeted leads in my funnel.

* Over $20k in sales from just 4 products.

* In fact as a side effect my articles got me thousands of links pointing to my websites and solid search engine ranking for few keywords I was targeting.

* One year later when I distributed these articles it got me 10,000 visitors only from Google, again a major side effect.

The fact is that my campaign was highly successful. All I was lacking was the right mindset.

If I would have set up my article numbers before when I got started, I would have ended up with probably a million dollars in sales right now.

Don't make the mistake I made, I am serious about this.

Here's a simple plan for you to follow...

1. Write 5 to 10 articles per day to drive traffic to your website.

2. Focus in writing and submitting your first 100 articles.

3. Test the value per article you are receiving. How much average net profits you earned per article instantly and in the long run?

4. Now start writing more articles and you will see more revenue coming in.

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