Website Traffic System Every One Is Talking About ( Start Your Internet Business Today ) - Part 11

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Here's one system I use to drive massive traffic to my website.

I write articles in my niche and submit them to

I then use mass distribution software to submit my articles to few hundred article directories.

I have set up a powerful sales funnel that helps me in getting 10 visitors and 3 leads from every article I submit in the long run.

However I can expect to earn $10 profits per lead from my system. If you calculate using this statistics one article will end up earning me $30 profits in the long run.

Not a bad return on investment if it takes me an hour or two to churn out 10 articles.

Here's one testing I did in 'skin care' niche using the above model.

I got a project of one skin clinic in India. It was an offline project where I had to get local clients.

I applied the same model with approximately 687 articles. This site got over 10k visitors, 2500 leads and 1200 inquiries who gave their name, email, mobile numbers and the exact problems they were facing.

I was stunned. This site easily made the skin clinic over $30k that is my least expectation considering the fact their average service sold for $1000.

That's the reason I am saying. Know your article numbers, pick up one system and then focus on speed and quality.

Build the momentum and you will be amazed with the results. Article marketing still works, it might have got little difficult but it still works.

How to increase your article writing speed if your typing speed is slow?

I would advice you to get 'Dragon Naturally Speaking' software version 10 or above.

It is simple to use it. You can get the software from

Make sure that you take the software as per your country accent as different countries have different English accent.

I got it from a local software distributor as I wanted Indian accent software.

You can train the software by reading a script they provide you in the beginning.

This software gives me around 95% accuracy and converts my speech in to words instantly.

It is an excellent software if you type less than 100 words per minute. If your typing speed is above 100 words I don't recommend getting this software.

That is all required; it is simple to use and straight forward. There are tutorials within the software that will train you how to train the software as you speak to give you better accuracy in future.

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