Website Traffic System Every One Is Talking About ( Start Your Internet Business Today ) - Part 12

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Here are few questions that my subscribers have asked me relating to starting an internet business and article marketing.

I hope the answers will give you tremendous clarity and finally help you to get started with your own highly profitable internet business starting today.

Question - I am trying to get more productive and manage my time more, I am still in high school finishing my last year and don't manage my time wise. My question is what was your routine each day once you had your business set up?

Answer - Here are 3 things I focus on every single day that takes my business ahead one step at a time.

1. Article Marketing - I focus in writing 5 to 10 articles daily and submit them to various article directories.

I have few selected list of high traffic article directories and websites where I regularly submit my articles to.

One of the high traffic article directories I submit my articles to is

I also focus in submitting my articles to a mass article directory distribution service that distributes my articles to hundreds of article directories instantly. You can use any mass distribution software or service that you like, just make sure you test and use the one that is giving you maximum impact.

2. Product creation - I have around 50 products right now. I mainly focus in creating my own products but if I come across some cool product that I feel will be valuable to my subscribers I grab resell rights of the product by contacting the owner. I add this product in my sales funnel and it keeps making me profits for long time to come.

My email marketing campaign is set in such a way that it will make sure to sell my new product to my subscribers automatically.

3. Email Writing - I focus in writing quality content emails to communicate with my list and give them great value.

When my website visitor subscribes to my list I send them excellent content on regular basis and recommend them products that I feel will be of great value to them.

Question - How do you manage to write 10 articles a day consistently and stay motivated to keep writing?

Answer - I use a free tool at

At this site you will get to know the word count and your per article typing speed. I can write one article in 4 to 5 minutes.

Before I start writing articles I write 10 headlines based on my knowledge in my niche. This takes me few minutes. Then I just keep writing articles constantly and if I am focused I can get all my 10 articles done in 1 hour. Sometimes they get done in 1 hour 30 minutes if I get a bit lazy and slow down.

The best way to stay motivated to write your articles is to make sure that you assign a dollar value per article that you will receive in future by selling your products.

It is important that you constantly track your article performance to get the exact net profits you're receiving per article and this will keep you motivated to write more articles in future.

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